Lamb–Christopher Moore


My friend loaned me this, her favorite book.

I’d read Christopher Moore before. He has a baffling kind of surrealist humor that, perhaps, takes getting used to.

In any event, I liked this one. It’s a potentially sacrilegious account of the life of Jesus. In this version, Jesus is trained in Confucianism, Buddhism, and yoga, and that training influences his teachings.

To be clear, *I* didn’t consider it sacrilegious. I thought it was funny.

I think people take their religious figures too seriously anyway. It seems pretty obvious to me that God (assuming he exists) has a sense of humor.

In this story, Jesus has a childhood best friend that stays by his side and tells the “true” story of his upbringing and education, all the way through the crucifixion. Mary Magdalene is there, and the apostles, and most of the Biblical miracles. But in this version, Jesus eats bacon (I know he ate unclean things in the Bible but…bacon? SO not kosher) and doesn’t object to his friend engaging with prostitutes.

This is a much more chill Jesus than we usually see, in fact.

If you can handle religious characters behaving like teenagers and have a passing familiarity with the Gospels, you’ll probably like this one.

The answer to yesterday’s Agatha Christie quiz question: Ada Mason was really Kitty Kidd.


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