Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?–Agatha Christie


This is, inexplicably, one of my favorite of her books. I have no idea why.

You have this semi-irresponsible young man, a veteran with no job prospects, living with his father, the local vicar.

He’s playing golf with a friend and there’s a weird chasm thing in the middle of the golf course and they find a man that’s fallen into the chasm.

**side note** this reminds me of some Disney movies that shall go unnamed where there’s a convenient bottomless pit nearby for the villain to fall into. I don’t believe any place just has a random chasm stuck in a golf course. Moving on.

The man seems unconscious, the friend goes for help and then the man opens his eyes and says, “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” and dies.

The only identification on the man is a picture in his pocket of a very beautiful woman whom Bobby–our intrepid wastrel–immediately develops a crush on.

Then Bobby is offered a job out of the country, which he refuses. And then he’s poisoned. And so he and his friend, the rich and titled Lady Frances, go investigate. They meet the lovely original of the photograph and her sinister husband. Among a host of other suspects, of course.

Who is Evans? What were they supposed to ask? The answer is strangely irrelevant and comes late.

Trivia time! I’ll go easy on you. What was the alternate title for “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”

The answer from last time, regarding the green fabric on the door, is that it came from the green armband on the dead woman’s daughter-in-law’s work uniform.


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