Thirteen at Dinner–Agatha Christie


They made a movie of this one, but I haven’t seen it.

Lady Edgware is a famous actress, and she’s been separated from Lord Edgware for quite some time. He’s been refusing to give her a divorce, which she needs because she wants to remarry, to a Duke this time.

So Lady Edgware asks Poirot to intercede with her husband. When he goes, Lord Edgware tells him that, on the contrary, he agreed to a divorce some time ago.

Lady Edgware seems surprised and relieved. All should be well.

And then Lord Edgware is killed. The butler and the secretary identify Lady Edgware as the only person to see him that night.

Why would she kill him when she already got her divorce?

But wait, there’s more.

She was at a dinner in the country at the time she was supposedly killing her husband. Several prominent people can testify to that.

So who killed her husband? And why?

Poirot leads the police down a path that leads to the eventual arrest of Lord Edgware’s nephew, who inherited the title and more importantly, the money he most definitely needed.

Immediately after the arrest, he announces that it couldn’t possibly be the nephew and starts working to free him. Fun times.

This is a fun little book.

Today’s Agatha Christie trivia question: What’s the alternate title of this book?


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