Severed (A Tale of Sleepy Hollow)–Dax Varley


I got this book for free. I love getting free books. This one was on a special free promotion from Amazon, I have an email service that gives me the list of the free books of the day. The results of “free book day” are variable, but I liked this one.

It’s the story of Sleepy Hollow, I guess, because I haven’t read any of the other Sleepy Hollow works, not even the original.

In this one, the heroine Katrina is the daughter of the most prominent man in Sleepy Hollow, supposedly affianced to her dad’s overseer, who is a jerk.

One of her friends is trying to buy a boat and escape with her, because the problem with Sleepy Hollow, aside from jerky fiances, is that the headless horseman stalks the citizens.

When the book opens, the schoolteacher has just been killed by the horseman, and Ichabod Crane is hired. He and Katrina form an attachment, which causes Katrina issues with her best friend. The horseman stalks a few other people, and the entire town is reduced to terror and cowering.

Eventually, the horseman turns its eyes to Ichabod, and Katrina tries to put the horseman down for good. This does not end well. Then the townspeople turn on her and her family. Even worse things happen.

Drama and terror. And creepy ambiance. It’s a good book.

Last time’s trivia answer: The alternate title to “Thirteen at Dinner” is, duh, “Lord Edgware Dies.”


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