Sweet Revenge–Diane Mott Davidson


I used to love Diane Mott Davidson and her Goldy Schultz books. My favorite chocolate chip cookies are from one of her recipes, actually.

Then, back in 2004-ish, I went to one of her book signings and she was incredibly rude to me. Not just to me, but that was the part that affected me the most, obviously.

After that, I swore off her books. I read the one she was there to sign, since I’d already bought it (that was “Dark Torte”) and that was the end of it.

But I recently started using FictFact, a website that tracks your series and I thought, well, hell. It’s been ten years. I can let it go and read her books again.

So I read “Sweet Revenge,” which I got from the library. I may be willing to bend a little here but not nearly enough to pay for her book myself.

And it was pretty damn meh. The biggest question in all amateur sleuth books is, why the hell is this person investigating a murder? Most people would be like, that sucks, and then move on. Maybe bring a casserole to the family, if they know them.

By this point, her protagonist’s motivation for investigation was incredibly weak. She was there when the guy was killed. Ok? And his girlfriend is suspected and needs help. Ok, again? They weren’t friends, she didn’t even like the girlfriend.

I saved a couple of the recipes, for shepherd’s pie (which I LOVE) and for a dessert bar, but I’m trying to drop my holiday weight so I’m holding off on baking either of those at the moment.

Basic summary: some jerk that everyone hated and may or may not of have had improper relationships with high school girls was killed. He was a shady rare map dealer.

His girlfriend was a suspect because maybe he was breaking up with her? Maybe not. And the ex-wife, the current and former business partners, and anyone whose daughter he may have “dated.”

I do not recommend her books. Both because she’s an unpleasant person and because the books just aren’t that good any more. I might finish out the series just out of a devotion to completion (although that same devotion isn’t enough to talk me into getting further than book 4 of the “Outlander” series, good Lord, that woman has veered into boring territory) but I don’t advocate getting into this series if you’re not already.


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