Deja dead–Kathy Reichs


I’m sure I’ve read at least one of these books before but can’t find a description of any that seems familiar, so I started fresh.

These are the books that are the basis for the TV show “Bones” which you may have seen. I used to watch it but I lost interest after they decided to put the main characters in a long-term relationship. It took the edge of the show and turned it into too much romance and social crap and not enough mystery stuff.


This is the first in the series featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, who is on temporary assignment in Quebec.

She suspects a recently discovered set of bones is associated with previously found skeletons, suggesting a serial killer is going around, killing and dismembering young women.

Side note: one of the things I’m really looking forward to about aging is that I’ll no longer be in a high-risk demographic for serial killers. These are the thoughts that come from reading mysteries on a regular basis.

The cop working the case has an attitude and dislikes her greatly, which makes her attempt to horn in on the investigation much harder.

Eventually they find a hidey-hole belonging to the serial killer, but there’s no physical evidence to show them where he normally lives or who he really is.

After her close friend is found murdered (way to raise the emotional stakes, Reichs) she redoubles her efforts and they find someone they think is the killer.

Obviously not. Because while the cops are busy investigating the new guy, the real killer comes after Temperance.

I don’t think it’s a spoiler to tell you she makes it, given that this is a series.

This is a good one. Fast-paced, interesting, scientific, and well-written.


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