Dragonwell Dead–Laura Childs


This is yet another from the “catch up on previously abandoned book series” list.

In this series, based on teas (if you didn’t know Dragonwell was the name of a green tea, you do now) with the protagonist being the owner of a tea shop in Charleston.

These books are very much cozy mysteries. Very very much so. In fact, they’re so cozy they’re the literary equivalent of a petit four.

There’s hardly any mystery here. There’s not much in the way of danger or suspense. This is mostly just a gentle stroll through a minor adventure.

In this book, a friend of the protagonist drops dead after drinking a glass of sweet tea. His widow asks her to help get his stuff from the office, etc.

Obviously, he was murdered. But by whom? His widow? His secretary who was harboring a crush on him? His co-worker/competitor? The orchid collector that wanted his collection?

The book includes tea time tips and a handful of recipes that I wasn’t inclined to try, although I considered the mini pecan muffins.

For what it is, it’s perfectly lovely. If you like your mysteries extremely gentle and sweet, this is the one for you.


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