The Typhoon Lover–Sujata Massey


This is the seventh (eighth? It could the be eighth) books in this series.

In this series, we follow Rei Shimura, who is half-Japanese and an expert in Japanese antiques, through various mysterious adventures in Japan and American, depending on her situation.

In the previous book she’d gotten herself perma-banned from Japan. Oops.

And so when the government offers her the chance to get in on a state passport, bypassing the ban going forward, she’s all over it.

The only thing she has to do in Japan is find out if her ex-lover is (as the government suspects) in possession of a piece of ancient art that was looted from Iraq.

She gets there and finds out that the ex is engaged, an arranged marriage, and his fiancee is a very young and flighty person with very high-placed and well connected family.

He wants nothing to do with Rei, which is a problem because she needs to get to his beach house to look at the disputed artifact.

When a typhoon pushes through, she uses the weather to break into the beach house, unexpectedly finding him in residence.

From there, you get a series of accidental deaths and attempted murder and art smuggling and governmental corruption and by the end of it, everyone’s life is pretty much destroyed.

But the government is happy, so there’s that.

I like these books. There’s two more books left to be caught up and I’m looking forward to reading those.

Hopefully later I’ll get around to reviewing the previous books in this series because I really enjoy them. Highly recommended.


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