U is for Undertow–Sue Grafton


Ok, so obviously I kept reading the Sue Grafton even after the unfortunate “S is for Silence” situation.

And this was good. I liked this one, it felt more like classic Sue Grafton.

We know–if you’ve been following along with the series or even with this blog–that the premise of this series is that there’s a female private investigator in Southern California in the 80s, and the books follow her cases.

In this book, someone wanders into her office with a random story. When he was six, some twenty-odd years ago, he was wandering around the woods alone and saw two people burying something. He talked to them and they played it off but when he saw a blurb in the paper recently about unsolved cases, he realized that it was two days after a local little girl went missing and now he thinks he saw them burying her body.

Of course, he was 6. He was staying with someone he didn’t see often and he has no idea where he was, so he can’t go find the spot and see if the girl’s body is there.

Her mission: find the grave, see what’s there.

She does find the grave, but there’s no little girl in it, just the body of a dog.

Which is random, right? Because the people burying the dog were doing it on the edge of someone else’s property. Who buries a dog on someone else’s property?

She tracks down the dog using his tag and the owner is baffled, he had the thing cremated after it was put down.

The vet in question says, well, we put them in a storage box and the city would come get them.

Essentially someone stole the body of the dog and buried it there, so that’s not normal and it gives credence to the initial idea that those were bad guys.

No one really believes her client–he has a history of false memories and his grasp of dates is shaky–but she perseveres and eventually finds the killers and the body.

This one is good.


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