The God of the Hive–Laurie R. King


This book actually serves as the second part of a 2-book series, so…you’re going to want to go ahead and read the first one,”The Language of the Bees” which I promise I will review eventually along with all the earlier books in these series that I’m finishing up, before you commit yourself to this one. Fair warning.

This series is the continuing adventures of Sherlock Holmes, or more accurately, the adventures of his much younger wife which sometimes include Sherlock.

In this book, they start where they ended at the previous book, stranded on various parts of Scotland and the Orkney Islands, where they tracked a devious murderer/crazy person who was planning to sacrifice Sherlock’s son (with Irene Adler, naturally) and possibly the son’s 3 year old daughter. At the end of it, they think (erroneously) that the murderer is dead, but the son is injured.

So we ended last with Sherlock and his son on a tiny boat looking for medical help, and Mary (the wife) trying to get the little girl to safety.

What’s complicating this is that back in the last book, when the son was a suspect in his wife’s murder, and no one would give Lestrade (junior) information, he responded by issuing warrants on ALL of them, Sherlock, his son, Mary, and Mycroft as well.

Obviously, they can’t just wander into town looking for transport to London, or call the police, or call Mycroft. Or even wander into town for a doctor.

Instead, they improvise. Mary takes the child back on the rickety airplane, which the murderer’s henchman fires at, wounding the pilot and forcing an eventual crash landing in the middle of the woods somewhere in England. My English geography is NOT excellent, so that’s the best I can do.

They’re rescued by what appears to be the caretaker of a large manor house and they take refuge with him in his cottage while the pilot recovers. Until the bad guys find them and they have to flee. He sets them up with his family’s house in London, and Mary goes in search of whoever is still trying to take them out.

MEANWHILE, back in Mycroft world, one of his co-workers, in an attempt to stage a coup, has kidnapped him and is keeping his hostage. It’s not ideal.

Sherlock has kidnapped a doctor from a coastal town, talked her into doing surgery on his son (on the open sea, which I’m sure was super fun for her) and then stashes his son with her at her family’s place in Holland.

From there, eventually Sherlock makes his way back to London and while the pilot watches the little girl and the doctor watches his son, Mary and Robert the caretaker work on tracking down what happened to Mycroft, who has been reported dead, and finding out who is still after them.

Sherlock eventually finds them, and OF COURSE Mycroft isn’t dead, it takes more than an international conspiracy to kill Mycroft, and eventually it comes to a final showdown with the man who arranged all of this.

I love these books. So fun. Less deduction, more action, and Mary is a worthy partner for Sherlock, despite the age difference.


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