Cockatiels at Seven–Donna Andrews


This is part of the Meg Langslow series, which is in the “absurd” humorous mystery family.

I like an absurd mystery, and recommend them to people who can handle the randomness.

My all time favorite book in this series is “Owl’s Well That Ends Well” which I promise to review at some point. Eventually.

In this book, Meg is minding her own business when a friend she hasn’t seen in years drops off her two-year old, insisting it would be just for a little while and she doesn’t have anyone else.

Meg, like any normal person, assumes that means a few hours.

By the next morning–with no apparent way to get in touch with the mom–she’s panicking.

As it turns out, the mom has gone missing, and is being investigated by the police because of accounting irregularities in the college financial aid department, where she worked.

Meg pokes around and finds out that the kid’s dad, her friend’s ex-husband, was fired from the college IT department because he was trying to sneak in a program that would skim money into his own account.

Meg theorizes that her friend is being erroneously roped into suspicion of her ex’s crimes, and sets out to find the real embezzler. While keeping a small child alive and fending off suggestions from her family that she should have one of her own.

Side note: I do not understand relatives who are pushy about other people’s reproductive systems. Having a child is a major life commitment, and no person of sense is going to jump into it because their Aunt Ida hassles them at Thanksgiving. So what are you trying to achieve, Aunt Ida? Mindless annoyance? *sigh*

Anyway, in traditional Meg Langslow fashion she figures it out just in time to have her life threatened by the culprit and then manages to escape, to live to fight another day and so on.

The early books in this series are also tremendous. I think like most series, this one is losing a little fire as it goes along, but they’re still solid, and the absurdity is the point of these anyway.


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