The Whole Enchilada–Diane Mott Davidson


If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’m not so much a fan of Diane Mott Davidson as a person but I feel a weird compulsion to complete the series that I started before I knew that I didn’t like her.

The excellent news about this particular book is that it’s got to be the last in the series. *fingers crossed*

This book is nonsense. Pure, complete nonsense.

Yet another “dear, close, personal friend” of Goldy’s that has never been mentioned previously has died and it’s up to Goldy to investigate.

Over the course of the series Goldy has become less likable and more abrasive and aggressive and nosy. She’s not someone I would socialize with. Nor would I socialize with her friends or compatriots.

And if her law enforcement husband existed in real life he’d have been fired years ago for the liberties he takes with the investigations and which he allows her to take.

Anyway, the question is who of the many people who might have wanted to kill this lovely human being (who, FYI, cheated on her husband, blackmailed her lover, and passed someone else’s work off as her own on a regular basis) actually did poison her dinner.

Her ex-husband who had recently discovered he was not the father of her child, his mom, his new wife? The artist she was stealing from? The person she was blackmailing?

Pray to the Gods of publishing that this really is the last of this series. I don’t know if I can do this again. And the recipes are, I SWEAR TO GOD, duplicates. At least some of them were in previous books, I’m sure of it.


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