Cream Puff Murder–Joanne Fluke


This is another series I’m starting to review part of the way through it instead of at the beginning. I’m sorry.

These mysteries are cooking mysteries. The heroine owns a cookie shop in a small Minnesota town and the books are peppered with recipes, mostly but not exclusively cookie recipes. These recipes are awesome and should not be ignored. I’ve made many of her recipes and they are so good.

The heroine has been engaged in relationships with two men for most of these books. One is the local dentist and the other is a police detective. Not physical relationships, this girl is squeaky-clean. Your grandmother can read these books without fear.

In this book, the shine is starting to come off the police detective, as she discovers in the course of the mystery that he’d been having an affair with the victim, a sexy fitness instructor.

This woman was evil. She was vicious to everyone, flirted (and then some) with people’s husbands/boyfriends/whatever and generally was asking for death.

Many of the cops aren’t able to investigate because of the sheer number of them that had a romantic relationship with her, leaving the intrepid cookie baking Hannah more or less free reign.

She almost gets the answer before she’s busted by the murderer. But don’t worry, she survives to bake another day.

These books are very fluffy, very cozy, very clean. These are fast reads and fun but not intense. Good for a quiet afternoon or your grandmother.


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