Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death–M.C. Beaton


I love these books. I’ve been devouring them, I’m up to the most recent now.

These are technically cozy mysteries, just like the Joanne Fluke I reviewed last week, but these have a slightly harder edge and are, I think, much funnier.

The titular Agatha Raisin has worked her way up from a childhood spent in poverty to become a successful PR person in London and was so successful, she can retire early. She chooses to retire to the Cotswolds where they have little cottages and it’s very “ye olde Englande.”

She wants to fit in with the village women and so she enters the upcoming cooking competition. Of course, she can’t cook. She decides to outsource it. She buys an expensive quiche from a prominent London bakery and enters that.

Then someone dies who ate her quiche and she’s under suspicion of murder. She has to reveal that she didn’t really cook it and then work to clear her name.

Agatha is a beautiful character. She’s got flaws and shortcomings but she has a good heart and you still love her. I appreciate that the main character is more complex than you usually see in these types of books.

I highly recommend these books. They do get a bit formulaic after a few of them, but are still fun.


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