The Final Empire–Brandon Sanderson


This is the first of the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson. You might be familiar with Brandon Sanderson because he is the person who saved the Wheel of Time series from the destruction that is was falling into near the end of Robert Jordan’s life.

The Final Empire introduces us to a new fantasy world. The Lord Ruler, who is “a sliver of God” runs everything. There are two classes: nobles and skaa. The skaa are basically slaves. Some of the nobles have magical abilities. Specifically, they can consume metal and use those metals to trigger supernatural abilities. There are many of these abilities, from the ability to pull metal objects to you to the ability to heighten your senses and beyond. Some people only get one ability and others get them all.

This is only a gift for the nobility, no skaa has this ability. As a result, there’s a law in place that if a nobleman sleeps with a skaa, that skaa has to be killed to prevent any possibility of skaa having those powers. Of course, there are always people who flout the law, so there are indeed skaa with one of the abilities (mistlings) and much more rarely a skaa with the full set (mistborns).

The skaa are perpetually planning rebellion and it never goes anywhere. This time, though, they’re working with a group of mistlings and mistborn (all skaa) in order to make it actually work this time.

They make a plan. Basically, they want to create an army, lure the capital city’s garrison out of the city, then take the city walls. Meanwhile, they want to cause a war between the noble houses to keep the nobles occupied and the leader mistborn is going to try to destroy the immortal Lord Ruler.

This does not go as planned.

I’m not going to give away the ending but it is awesome. I think I love Sanderson.


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