City of Bones–Cassandra Clare


This is the first of the mortal instruments series, which I understand has been made into a movie that I haven’t seen yet.

In this book, we meet Clary, who follows some strangers into a back room at a bar and gets involved in a massive fight and murder.

This is how she discovers that all the stories you hear are true. There are vampires, werewolves, elves and warlocks. And her new friends are shadowhunters, which means they protect the mortals of this world.

She goes home to find her apartment destroyed, her mom missing, and her apartment infested with demons. She goes with the shadowhunters and discovers that her mom was a shadowhunter and she should have been one too.

Her mom’s been hiding her from her dad, who had started an ultimately unsuccessful rebellion. He was supposed to have died in the course of it, along with her older brother.

But as it turns out, he didn’t die and now he’s trying again.

There’s not really a lot that I can say beyond that without spoiling the plot completely. It’s fun and fast paced and worth a read.


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