Guards! Guards!–Terry Pratchett


This was not one of my favorite of the Discworld books.

It retains the cuteness and the playfulness of the other Discworld books, though, so if that’s what you’re into don’t be afraid to grab it.

In this book, someone has the bright idea to overthrow the elected ruler of the capital city by 1) summoning a dragon using magic 2) setting up some random as “the lost heir to the throne” and 3) making it look like the lost heir killed the dragon.

Things do not go as planned.

He teases you with the real lost heir to the throne and the entire book you’re expecting to see that guy jump in front of the dragon and kill it but nope, not at all.

Instead you have the drunken, dissolute head of the city guards working with an aristocratic lady who breeds small dragons. It’s fun and it’s Discworld, but I’m not feeling it as much. It felt like the entire second half of the book was the “climax.” I kept checking my pages and thinking, how could there be that much left?


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