A Share in Death–Deborah Crombie


This is the first in the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series. This is a great series, and I recommend it to anyone who likes traditional mysteries with a slight bit of an edge.

I want to point out that the author lives in Denton, Texas. I have been in Denton, Texas. I’ve not been to England, where the series is based, but I HAVE been to Denton and I can assure you, there is no chance that she’s getting her details from Denton. It is very much the middle of nowhere Texas. If it wasn’t for the University of North Texas, it wouldn’t even be a place to stop for lunch. I feel like anyone who lives there and successfully recreates such a different environment should get bonus points.

Ok, moving on. In this one, we are introduced to our lead characters. Duncan Kincaid is a superintendent at Scotland Yard. Which I think is like a manager of some sort? Anyway, he has authority. His cousin has an expensive time-share that he can’t use this year and so he gives it to Duncan. Duncan goes and it’s like a big house and everyone has their own apartment and there’s a pool and common area and opportunities for them to socialize with each other.

And of course, all these people are crazy. There are all these strange relationships and undercurrents that he doesn’t understand because most of these people live there full time so it’s more like what happens when you’re in a dorm than what happens when you are in an apartment.

Unsurprisingly, a body turns up. It’s essentially a closed-room type mystery. It is virtually impossible for it to be someone outside the house. He calls up his second in command, Gemma James. They have very different styles. He’s all careful intelligence and she’s all gentle and good at listening, and together they start to pierce the lies and confusion to solve the murder.

I love these books, they are wonderful. Please consider them, and start from the beginning. The threads of the personal stories of Kincaid and James get complicated and it’s best to keep yourself in order.


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