Death on Demand–Carolyn Hart


This is the first in the “Death on Demand” series. I like these books. I met Carolyn Hart at a book signing a few years ago and I like her, too. She’s a lovely woman.

The most recent books are becoming a tad predictable, but the early ones are wonderful. This is not my favorite of her works–I prefer “A Little Class on Murder” and “The Christie Caper”–but it is a solid introduction to the series.

The main character is Annie Laurance, who owns a mystery bookstore on a small island off the coast of South Carolina. Her former boyfriend has tracked her down and is her sidekick in the series.

In this one, a handful of authors meet every Sunday night at the bookstore and one of them announces that he’s going to write a tell-all about them and expose their dirty secrets. And then he dies.

Annie is a suspect, as indeed are all the other authors.

This series has a handful of trademarks. One of these is the author’s incredibly varied references to mystery authors and books throughout the series. If you want a comprehensive mystery education,  you could take notes and read all the authors she references. It’s quite impressive, actually. I’m a big mystery fan and I haven’t read more than maybe a third of the authors she references.


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