Murder with Peacocks–Donna Andrews


This is the first of the Meg Langslow books. I like these books, although like most series, the later ones are getting a bit stale.

In this one, we meet Meg, who is a blacksmith. She’s also the most functional member of her eccentric family. I come from an eccentric family myself, and I really identify with her. She’s deeply organized and level-headed and as a result, she’s planning three weddings simultaneously.

One, for her partner, is Renaissance themed. One, for her brother, involves live peacocks. The last, for her mom, produces the victim, the sister of the groom who is truly unpleasant.

Her life is threatened, her dad is trying to live out his mystery-solving fantasies, and the extremely handsome son of the local dressmaker is flirting with her.

This mysteries are ridiculous. They’re absurd fantasies, but they are so very funny. These early ones are very good. My favorite, I think, is a later one, “Owl’s Well that Ends Well,” but this one is very good. Even the later ones are fun and playful, so I keep reading even as the mysteries become a little silly.


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