Jane Bites Back–Michael Thomas Ford


This is such a fun book. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

In this book, Jane Austen (yes, the real one) is alive and well in a small town in the modern day, the result of being turned into a vampire by Lord Byron. She makes a living as a small bookseller, despite her ongoing annoyance at the proliferation of all things Austen that she, obviously, cannot get a piece of.

There’s a local widower with a crush on her that she’d like to date but she has to move around every couple of decades so no one notices that she isn’t aging, which precludes a long-term relationship.

Also, after all these years, Lord Byron has tracked her down. He’s looking for a relationship and isn’t above blackmail to force her into one.

Her final book, the one written before she was turned into a vampire, has finally, after all these years and hundreds of rejections, been accepted for publication. This triggers a wide range of problems.

First, she has to invent a past for herself. Then, she has to survive the heat of cameras (not good for vampires) and meetings with other authors and fans.

As it turns out, she’s not the only famous author living life as a vampire. Lord Byron had famously comprehensive tastes, after all. But not all of them are handling eternal life as well as she is, and her recent publicity brings one of the less well-balanced ones out of the woodwork.

Jane Austen juggles modern life, competitors, publishing, and vampirism. It’s fun and playful.


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