Mindset–Carol S. Dweck


A rare non-fiction review!

This book was a revelation for me. The basic idea is that there are two mindsets people have, fixed and growth. You can be predisposed to one or the other and you can develop one as a result of your influences, like your parents and teachers.

A fixed mindset (like mine, unfortunately) is one where you think of yourself as a set quantity. Successes validate you as a person, while failure indicates that your entire life is in disarray. Hence the lack of resiliency in those with fixed mindsets.

A growth mindset is one where failure is a learning experience and not an indictment of your character or intelligence.

Obviously, those of us in the fixed mindset camp would like to be able to move over to the growth one because it’s a happier way to live. The good news is, that’s totally possible.

It’s a matter of retraining yourself to think of failure and mistakes as ways to learn and grow and to recognize the self-limiting nature of the fixed mindset.

The book is filled with examples of fixed and growth mindset people in various situations, from business to sports and education, and you get a real sense of what the fixed and growth mindsets look like in real life and in application. There are even examples of people who have successfully moved from the fixed to the growth mindset.

I’m tentatively hopeful that I can implement the necessary changes in my own life, and that I can reap the benefits of the growth mindset.

I recommend this to people who feel like they might have a fixed mindset. I think it would be helpful.


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