Jane Vows Vengeance–Michael Thomas Ford


This appears to be the last of three books in this series. Jane Austen was turned into a vampire by Lord Byron and is currently living her life as a bookseller and author in a small town on the east coast.

In this book, she’s dealing with the issues that were developed in the last books. Specifically, she’s engaged to a mortal man whose mother is a vampire hunter and only will stop trying to kill her if she produces a child.

They have decided to go on an architectural tour of Europe (her, her fiance, her future mother-in-law, her best friend and the best friend’s boyfriend) as a combination destination wedding and honeymoon.

But things go wrong almost from the beginning. Their wedding is crashed by her husband, the husband Jane Austen was briefly married to during her original non-vampire lifespan, which stops the wedding and creates issues between Jane and her fiance.

Then she hears a rumor from another vampire of Crispin’s Needle, which at least theoretically can make her mortal again. The idea is, you stab yourself in the heart with the needle and your soul is returned to you and you stop being a vampire.

She then spends the rest of her trip trying to find the needle. Her old nemesis Charlotte Bronte makes an appearance, and things mostly end with happily ever after.

These are cute, playful, well-written books that are fun for those who love Austen and mysteries.


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