The Girl in the Spider’s Web–David Lagercrantz


I was dubious about this coming in. If you’ve read the first three books in the series, written by Stieg Larsson, you know that the series was wrapped up. All the loose ends were tied up. It was very emotionally satisfying. Larsson is dead,and apparently his family gave this other person permission to continue the series. You can understand my dubiousness. Was this book necessary? Is it just a cash grab to take advantage of the fact that this series exploded after Larsson’s death? Would it retain the feel of the originals?

Well. Sort of.

The plot was fine, not quite as convoluted as the previous ones, I don’t think, but fine. The characters seemed familiar, the author got the spirit of the characters right. The tone was off, though. The original trilogy was viscerally intense. I’d be up late reading them, with my heart pounding. I had no problem putting this book down and never felt that terror.

My biggest issue was that they created a character that was most definitely not in the previous books, one that should have been referenced in the previous books if they did exist. This isn’t a minor character, it’s the antagonist. This is LAZY storytelling. I am highly disappointed.

If you are interested in these books, read the originals. Read them in order, that’s very important. Also, if you have Netflix (in the US, at least) you can access the 6 part Swedish mini-series of the series. I highly recommend it, they’re brilliantly done and highly faithful to the books. Don’t read this. Let your memories and experience of this series stand with the original trilogy.


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