Food Rules–Michael Pollan


A rare non-fiction book for this site!

This is a quick read, although I wish I had purchased it in a physical form instead of getting it in ebook form from the library, because it’s the kind of thing you should really be referring to repeatedly until you get really familiar with the various rules.

He’s dug into the nutritional research and come up with a basic set of rules for food that should keep people more healthy than they are on the current western diet.

These rules boil down to “eat food, mostly plants, not too much.” The rules themselves are far more specific, of course. They include things like, don’t eat food that includes ingredients a third grader can’t read, as well as things like, shop around the outside of the grocery store, and don’t eat cereal that changes the color of the milk.

The not too much part is interesting, because I’ve been reading a lot about intermittent fasting and caloric restriction and that seems to be a real thing, that eating way less calories than we normally do is associated with better health and longer lives.

On the other hand, we’ve probably all read the article out this past week about how the contestants form “The Biggest Loser” all have severe metabolic issues, likely as a result of their extreme weight loss. So…caloric restriction is good, but too much is bad? Maybe? And how much is too much? The entire thing is incredibly baffling to me.

Then again, it’s not like most of us are walking the fine line between survival and starvation on the regular, so for most of us, eating less food would probably be a reasonable step from a health perspective.

Regardless, this is an interesting book with a lot of simple, clear, reasonable advice for better living through nutrition.


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