The Hundred Foot Journey–Richard C Morais


This book was recently made into a movie starring Helen Mirren, but I haven’t seen the movie. I’m not sure I even want to, because although everyone loves Helen Mirren, it seems like the movie only covers part of the book and does it in the sappiest way possible.

The book is about an Indian boy and his family. They have a restaurant in India, but after a riot that left the mother dead, they moved to England and a few years later to France. They find a place to settle in France and they open a new restaurant. There’s a high-end French restaurant just across the way. The owner of that restaurant resents the presence of competition, even though the restaurants are vastly different and cater to different clienteles.

The French chef realizes that the Indian boy has a gift for cooking and eventually seeks to have him come intern in her restaurant so she can train him properly. From there, he builds a glittering culinary career over many years, becoming one of the most highly decorated chefs in France.

It’s a sweet story, but I’m not sure there’s much depth to it. It’s fluffy and probably good for a beach read, since beach season is coming right up.


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