Bones to Ashes–Kathy Reichs


Yet another of the Temperance Brennan mysteries. In this one, she’s trying to find out if the bones she got from a provincial coroner belong to a friend of hers that disappeared off the face of the earth nearly forty years earlier.

They’re also looking to solve a series of missing persons cases that they believe are tied to some unidentified bodies. There are six girls missing over the course of nearly 20 years, and there are three unidentified bodies which might correlate.

As they dig into the missing children cases, they start to suspect that the children were affiliated with a skeevy photographer. Further investigation indicates that said skeevy photographer might have been involved in some child pornography and if you have child pornography and then the children involved go missing…that’s not a promising sign. And it looks like Temperance’s friend might have been one of the girls involved in child pornography.

A trip to the middle of nowhere Canada to talk to her old friend’s younger sister provokes a rash of retaliatory harassment, likely from the sister’s husband, who runs a bunch of dive bars and strip clubs.

If you’re thinking that there might be a connection between strip clubs and child pornography…that’s also what Temperance thinks.

In the end, of course, they find the source of the child pornography, as many bodies as can reasonably be expected, and solve the mystery of the missing childhood friend.

Not recommended for people who get very disturbed by child abuse. We all get disturbed by child abuse, of course, but if you’re the kind of person that will have nightmares about it, skip this one.


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