Escaping Peril–Tui T Sutherland


This is the eighth book in the “Wings of Fire” series. These are YA books about dragons, and they are well done and fun to read. I read these with my daughter and it’s not a hardship.

That said, this isn’t the book to start with. Start with “Dragonet Prophecy” which is the first in the series. Otherwise you’ll be hopelessly lost.

This particular entry in the series does NOT depend heavily on a prophecy of some sort, which I very much appreciate because I’m so over prophecies as a plot device in YA books. Just stop with the prophecies, authors. It’s been done to death.

In this book, we focus on a dragon named Peril, first encountered in the first book in the series. She has a special power, firescales, which are exactly what they sound like. She burns whatever she touches. So…forests aren’t her thing. She was raised to be her queen’s personal champion and assassin, and not surprisingly was banished from her kingdom when that queen was overthrown.

She’s trying to make friends with other dragons and build a new life, but it’s not easy when you’re well known as the most dangerous creature in the world.

Then the deposed queen comes back full of threats and clearly in possession of a magic-using dragon, which is 1) very rare and 2) notoriously dangerous. Peril gets the idea that the best way to impress the other dragons and make friends is to go after the queen herself and kill her. She goes off into the wild, accompanied by another dragon who is looking for some friends who were also tracking the old queen.

From there, of course, things get nasty.

These are fun books and if you like YA books, I recommend the series. Start at the beginning, though.


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