A Whole Nother Story–Dr. Cuthbert Soup


About halfway through this book, I had doubts. This is a children’s book (or YA? I can never tell where they draw that line) that I read with my kids. I love children’s books (and YA books) so I enjoy reading books with the kids. Some are better than others, and I had, as I said, doubts about this book halfway through.

The book follows a scientist and his three kids, on the run from a wide range of nefarious people. They’re being stalked because the dad is thisclose to completing a time machine. Everyone wants it. Our government, foreign governments, creepy corporations…everyone is after them.

They move whenever the bad guys get too close. Much of this book involves them on the run and the random people they encounter as they look for a new place to live. About halfway through I started to wonder if there was any plan or if the entire thing was a loosely connected series of adventures.

However, once they DID find a new town to settle down in, the pieces started to come together and it started to all work. There’s a sequel–maybe more than one, I haven’t looked–that the kids want to read. I am not opposed. This book reminded me a bit of the Series of Unfortunate Events in the snarky cleverness, and the little jokes that the kids may or may not have actual understood but I appreciated.

This is a fun and playful book. I enjoyed it, the kids enjoyed it. If you’re interested in a fast fun kid’s read, this is a good choice.



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