Carpe Jugulum–Terry Pratchett


I love Terry Pratchett. The world is a sadder place without him.

Quick refresher for those who don’t know how it works: He has a series called the Discworld series, it’s about a world that is flat and rides through space on the back of four elephants riding a giant flying turtle. The books have several distinct sub-varieties, some following specific characters and some that are stand-alone.

This is yet another of the Discworld books that focus on the witches. I love the witches. They are by far my favorite variety of Discworld book.

In this book, Magrat (a witch that is not currently practicing due to her current position as queen) is celebrating the birth of her daughter and her enlightened husband has invited ALL the people, including vampires.

This, not entirely surprisingly, turns out to be a ridiculously bad idea.

The vampires exert mind-control over everyone and take over the castle. They set up shop as rulers of a new place.

They are unable to control the minds of Granny Weatherax and Agnes Nitt, the newest witch in the area. With those two working separately, and the other two witches doing the best they can do, they take the fight to the vampires home castle.

These books are so much fun, and so very clever. As with all series, I advise reading in order, but if you’re interested in specific parts of this series, you can read just those books in the order they were published, see here for a listing of how to do that.

(I tried to link to the direct author of the site and not i09 but the link on i09 took me to a different site and I spent a few minutes trying to find it and then figured, meh.)




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