One for the Money–Janet Evanovich


This is the first book in the Stephanie Plum series, which is a mega bestselling series.

In this book, we meet Stephanie as she’s lost her job as a lingerie buyer for a department store and is out of money and can’t get a job anywhere. Her family suggests she go talk to her cousin about a filing job in his bail bonds business. That job has been filled but the office manager talks her into taking an open bounty hunting job, because it pays better.

Her first fugitive is Joe Morelli, a cop that’s been accused of murder. She has an unpleasant romantic history with him and is not opposed to finding him.

Unfortunately, finding him is easy enough but capturing him is harder. She runs into him several times during the course of her investigation, which is based on the idea that he probably didn’t do the murder and is probably trying to get enough evidence to give the cops a better suspect. Her idea is to investigate the murder herself and see if she can intercept him that way.

An informant had called Morelli with information. When he got to her house, there was some men there and one of those men ended up dead. The informant was nowhere to be found.

She quickly runs into a champion fighter named Benito Ramirez who is totally insane and dangerous. He also had a history with the informant and that makes Stephanie think that he’s involved with this situation.

Also in the mix: Benito’s manager Jimmy Alpha and some low-level goons that are running around.

All she has is desperation and the help of Ranger, a former special forces guy turned bounty hunter who is giving her some basic training in her new profession.

This is a fun book. The movie was not so great, but more or less faithful to the concept.



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