And Never Let Her Go–Ann Rule


I discovered a great podcast called “My Favorite Murder” which is a true crime podcast and I recommend it if you have an interest in mysteries and murder and a REALLY HIGH tolerance for swearing. I’m not kidding. It’s a lot of cussing. But so funny.

And it set me off into a true crime rabbit hole and I read this book. Fun fact about Ann Rule: she was a friend of Ted Bundy. So she comes by her profession honestly, is my point.

But this is not a Bundy story, this is the story of the death of Anne Marie Fahey in the late 90s. They made a movie of this book, so if you prefer to watch movies than to read 1) what are you doing here? This is a book blog. Focus. 2) you have that option.

Basically this is the story. Anne Marie Fahey had a really bad life. Her mom died of cancer when she was nine or thereabouts, and her dad sunk into alcoholism and they were always getting their electricity turned off and starving and whatever because he wasn’t working. Her older siblings tried to keep her alive and in food but when she was in high school her dad died of a heart attack and she was taken in temporarily by some friends. She was so worried about them resenting her presence that she ate as little as possible and became obsessively tidy, which continued her entire life.

But she was tough, and she went to college and got a good job, as the scheduling secretary for the governor of Delaware. She started seeing a therapist for her anorexia and it was all coming together.

She met Thomas Capano at work. He was a married prominent attorney, a former prosecutor, and by all accounts very charming. They started dating and she was consumed with guilt about the relationship but obviously she wasn’t in the best place mentally and he was very manipulative and controlling and she kept seeing him even as she wanted to get away from him.

She finally met a real boyfriend, and started pushing harder to leave Capano. And then one day in late June she went to dinner with him and was never seen again.

It was a solid murder and he almost got away with it. He missed a couple of tiny little pinpricks of blood in his great room and they got DNA from it. They put pressure on Capano’s brother, and got him to cave, and he admitted to helping dispose of the body. They took him to trial, where, UNBELIEVABLY, he tried to pitch the theory that his OTHER girlfriend had found out about his relationship with Anne Marie and shot her by accident and he was helping to cover up the crime because he’s a good guy.

Which, let’s all agree from the outset that 1) that’s not the way being a “good guy” works and 2) it takes a stone cold killer to stuff his lover into an ice chest, BREAKING THE LEGS to make her fit, and then wrap an anchor around the body and drop it into the sea.

The jury convicted him to death, but the appeals court commuted it and he died of natural causes in prison.



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