The Truth–Terry Pratchett


I know, I know, more Discworld. I’m on a bit of a Terry Pratchett kick at the moment.

This one is a parody of what happens when journalism starts. It makes me wonder a bit about how it actually did go down when they first started doing newspapers. Regardless, a proto-journalist gets involved with some dwarves with a printing press and starts a newspaper.

The leader of the city is accused of stabbing his clerk and running away but that doesn’t sound like him and so they are out to find the truth.

Of course, everyone in the city almost immediately decides that the junk news in the Inquirer is more interesting, so it’s not as gratifying as he initially thought it would be.

There are a pair of foreign henchmen hired by the people framing the Patrician that are clear parodies of Travolta and Jackson in Pulp Fiction, which is SO FUNNY. Every time they come onto the page it’s hysterical. Their interactions with Death are also comedy gold.

Regardless, he tracks down the truth with the help of his only reporter, an informant that happens to be a talking dog, his homeless paper boys, and his vampire photographer. It’s a complicated and messy situation, and he finds that he’s part of the story and not just the reporter.

The City Watch gets a solid supporting role in this book, which is nice because the watch is always fun to see in action, but the bulk of this book is centered on William de Worde and his fledgling newspaper operation.

I always recommend the Disc World books because they are so funny and so clever.



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