Bitter Blood–Jerry Bledsoe


Another true crime book!

This book is excellent and the story is CRAZY.

This woman marries a dentist, they have two kids. He moves to New Mexico with them, which she HATES, because she wants to be home in North Carolina where her family is well known and people treat her like she’s special. She’s abusing the kids, too, but the husband apparently doesn’t notice that.

Eventually she leaves him and goes back to North Carolina with the kids. She files for divorce and he’s ok with letting her have primary custody but she starts saying she doesn’t want the kids to go to New Mexico at ALL, that he should have to come to them for visits, and just generally being terrible about everything.

The fights are bitter and expensive and eventually he gets a month in the summer, but he has to pay for transport and also her transport to an airport where the kids can fly direct to his house from, since there was no direct flight from her city to his and the kids are too young to make a transfer by themselves.

Meanwhile, she’s getting way more paranoid and jumpy and starts hanging out with her cousin who is also full of problems, being as he’s the son of a white supremacist who thinks vitamin C shots can cure everything. Her cousin is also faking being a doctor, after having faked his admission to and enrollment in medical school.

And then her ex-husband’s mom and sister are shot to death at their home in Tennessee.

He decides to use the money he inherits to fight to have custody switched to him. To this end, he starts visiting North Carolina and talking to her family and the kids’ schools. Eventually her dad agrees to testify that more contact with their dad would be a good thing.

By now, she and her cousin are living together and lamenting the fact that it’s illegal for cousins to get married in their state. Ew.

And then her parents and grandmother are shot to death.

At this point, the police start to find her complete lack of reaction to the deaths of her parents and grandparent suspicious and when they find out her mother and sister in law were also murdered within the year, they start to be really suspicious. They start moving on the cousin, whom they believe to be responsible for the shooting of her parents.

It does not end well.



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