Deception–Amanda Quick


This is one of my favorite of her books. Amanda Quick does historical romances.

In this one, we have Olympia Wingfield, a bluestocking trying to raise her three orphaned nephews. Jared Chillhurst is a viscount who is after a family diary that Olympia’s father has sent to her.

His initial plan was to offer to buy the diary, once she decodes it. However, when he saw the chaos in the household, he decided to take a more personal approach to the project. He announces that her dad has hired him as a tutor for the boys and quickly proves to be an excellent tutor and brings her entire household into order.

When she decides to take the family to London, disaster inevitably strikes when people discover them living in the same home and they are forced to announce their marriage and then get married to make it true.

She is not pleased with his large amount of deception, but she does love him. He loves her too, and protects her from the various threats that face them. She does in the end translate the diary, make peace with a longstanding family feud, and sends the most annoying members of the family off on a travel trip to find an ancient buried treasure.

This is a charming book, as indeed are all of Amanda Quick’s romances.


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