Shopaholic and Sister–Sophie Kinsella


I’m finishing up as many of my ongoing book series as I can, and this is one of the ones I’m picking back up after a several year absence.

These books–which spawned a movie starring Isla Fisher–are adorable, but beware the extreme flightiness of the protagonist.

The basic premise of all these books is that the main character, Becky, is a reckless spender with no sense of budget or reality who somehow manages to make everything work out and be beloved by all at the end.

She should apply some of those principles to my bank account. Ahem.

Anyway, in this one, Becky comes home from a year-long honeymoon with her very rich husband with a huge amount of souvenirs and is greeted with the news that she has a half-sister from a liaison of her father’s before she was born.

She’s all excited about girly stuff but of course, her sister is not girly. Angst.

Also, she manages to create issues for her husband’s business, because of course she does, why would she stop with destroying their personal finances and alienating her sister?

Sometimes I get frustrated with Becky.

In the end she reconciles with her sister, makes a slew of new friends with her random foray into activism, and her meddling leads to victory at her husband’s job. Yay for Becky.

These are girly books. Not even a little bit, in the way that some chick lit books can be enjoyable to all, but seriously girly. Consider yourself warned.

This is the epitome of “beach books”–in fact, this entire series is that way. This is mindless fluff. If you want to spend a few girly hours with silliness, go for it. It’s good for what it is.