Dune-Frank Herbert


This is a classic of science fiction, and I think I read it when I was in middle school, but I couldn’t remember any of it.

There is a reason that this book is considered a classic of science fiction.

The basic story, in case you’ve missed the book or any of the zillions of adaptions of it, is that the Atreides family, a noble family in the empire, is reassigned from their home planet to the planet commonly referred to as Dune. It’s called that because it is a desert planet with practically no rain.

They’re jumpy, believing this to be a trick by their enemy, and they are right to be concerned. Almost as soon as they get there, the head of the family is dead and his consort and son are on the run in the desert.

Mystical abilities and zen monk-like training is essential to the plot, and I really wish I could develop either of those skills.

The story focuses in on the development of the son, Paul, and his growth into the savior of the local people of the planet and their quest to overthrow the empire.

I highly recommend this book. It’s a beautiful book, perfectly executed.